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20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars for Car, SUV, Truck

20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars is a kind of Advanced LED fiber optic star ceiling kit which is used to make Cool & Romance Starlight Headliner for Car, SUV, Pickup Truck, MPV or Yacht..
The Maybach Roof Stars is composed by the dual head 2*10W twinkle RGBW colors LED light source and PMMA fiber optic light cables. 

Bluetooth App for 20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars | SanliLED.shop
Dual Head LED Box for 20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars | SanliLED.shop

The Advantages for 20W RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars.

  • Dual Color Stars Design: NEW Version ! 2x10W is built-in dual color port, easily choose different color or same color between two led head, even different dynamic and music mode, Smart design Black 20W double-head 22mm diameter LED light engine with RGBW lamp beads to accommodate many fiber optics, have PURE WHITE (the most suitable light) and RGB mixed white.
  • RGB Shooting Stars: New version RGB 12LED Meteor light machine have 7static colors and 20dynamic shooting star mode, perfect for car truck's headliner make colorful twinkle star and shooting stars.
  • Twinkle & Sound-Activated: SANLI LED 20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars are combine twinkle and sensor mode function, fiber optic cables dancing with the rhythm in the music mode, enjoying the beautiful twinkle star and the favorite music at the same time.
  • Multicolor & Dynamic Mode: Easy to choose all light change modes, including static colors, jump, fade, flash and breath mode, allowing to combine RGB colors with pure white light to create other colors, In addition, there will be more than 16 million colors combining with static, dynamic, sound control and twinkle mode by APP or Bluetooth control.
  • 2024 Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars: It is so much convenience to control the LED light box by supporting Android and iOS System “My SmartLED” APP device, offer 2-year warranty guarantee to satisfy your need, we can customize other size of fiber optics as you request, please contact us if you have any problem.


  • Wattage: 20W(2x10W)
  • Work voltage: AC85~265V 50/60Hz, DC 12V
  • Remote Function: Twinkle effect (4-level)+static color+dynamic mode+music mode
  • Remote Type: 28key remote control+APP (MySmartLED)
  • The fiber optic cable operation temperature: -58°F- 167°F
  • Shell material: Strong Aluminum
  • Diameter of connector: 20mm
  • Light source device size: L105*W87*H61mm
  • Remoter dimension: L85*W52*H7mm
  • Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours

Maybach Roof Stars Package Contents.

1 x Black Dual-Port 20W RGBW LED light engine
1 x Remote controller
2 x Fiber optic bundle
1 x User Manual
1 x Power adapter
1 x 6.5ft car use plug

Installation Steps for Maybach Roof Stars.

1. Remove Car Roof.
2. Mark points of the pattern you want on roof, and drill holes.
3. Tied up fiber optic strands in small bundles make them not tangled.
4. Put fibers into holes and fixed them with UV glue.
5. Stick sponge or leather on the back of roof to extend fiber cable's lifetime.
6. Cut fiber optic cables which longer than the surface of car roof.
7. Connect wire and install roof.
8. The LED Light Box recommed to hide on the C Pillar of truck and controlled by remote.

Installation Menu for 20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars | SanliLED.shop

App Connection Steps:
1. Scan the QR code on the LED Light Box or search for “MySmartLED” in the App store.
2. Turn on your phone Bluetooth.
3. Open APP and connect the LED Light Box.
(Connect Bluetooth in APP instead of Mobile Phone settings).

Application Photo for Maybach Roof Stars.Application Photo for 20W Dual Head RGBW Twinkle Maybach Roof Stars | SanliLED.shop

Make Relax & Romance Maybach Roof Stars in your Car Truck !

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